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CVs – There’s no ‘one size fits all’.

Contrary to popular belief there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to CVs! Find out more in the below video…


Watch the video below to find out what 3 – 30 – 3 means!

Career Change, Is now the time?

Making a Career Change, Is now the time? Making a Career Change later in Life can be difficult but not impossible. It is all about considering all of the different factors and what you are actually trying to do. So think about it, lets be practical about this, what you are actually saying is, I […]

3P’s of Job Hunting – Positive, Persistence & Don’t Procrastinate

3P’s of Job hunting Be Positive, Be Persistent & Don’t Procrastinate. Job hunting can be a demotivating time for some of us, so it is important to ensure we find the energy to stay in that positive mindset. Part of this positivity will come from accepting the fact that there will be some rejection throughout […]

I want a Job – Where do I start?- Top 10 to do list to start you off!

I want a Job – Where do I start?- Top 10 to do list to start you off! 1. Where do you want to work? – Industry, Location, Company, Team, Job title. You need to know the answer to theses; which industry, location, company, type of team and what job title you are looking for. […]

Will A Good Degree Guarantee Me A Job?

Will a good degree guarantee me a job? The straight answer to this is NO. I know it seems harsh, but a degree, good or otherwise is a small part of what you have to offer, it is the rest of you, which counts. For some jobs a degree will be the minimum criteria and […]

Ask For Help

This sounds like such a simple tip but I want you to understand that there is so much resource around us, that we very rarely use. Friends, old colleagues, networks, facebook, linked in, are you using these resources, which are at your fingertips. Remember our friends and old colleagues maybe in jobs; perhaps they can […]

Managing Your Time

Your time is invaluable, so is it really a valuable use of your time to spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week job hunting? Can anybody do the same thing 8 hours a day 5 days a week? Well I suppose you can and we have all done it when we had our […]

Know Why The Job is Right for You

You have taken the time to apply for a job, you know it’s perfect for you, but can you communicate this effectively? Are you concise in terms of getting this point across to a company or an agency with a passion but not desperation? Take some time just to be very clear as to why […]

Keeping Track Of Your Job Hunting

You need to know where you have sent an application, who to, which agency which contact and most importantly why. If you haven’t tracked all of this information you have no idea when someone calls you from a company or an agency which job you applied for. If you don’t sound like you are in […]

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