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The Interview Question of the Moment!

With all the interviews our clients are doing at the moment it has become clear that the interview question of the moment is “What did you do during COVID lockdown if you were furloughed or unemployed?” How are you answering this during your interviews? There are lots of variations on this question and it is a […]

The Recruitment Queen – Zoom Webinar – Education to Employment


Why You Need to Consider Flexible Hours


As a Career Advisor or someone supporting in a school – Is your CV advice up to date?

CVs – There’s no ‘one size fits all’.

Contrary to popular belief there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to CVs! Find out more in the below video…


Watch the video below to find out what 3 – 30 – 3 means!

Career Change, Is now the time?

Making a Career Change, Is now the time? Making a Career Change later in Life can be difficult but not impossible. It is all about considering all of the different factors and what you are actually trying to do. So think about it, lets be practical about this, what you are actually saying is, I […]

3P’s of Job Hunting – Positive, Persistence & Don’t Procrastinate

3P’s of Job hunting Be Positive, Be Persistent & Don’t Procrastinate. Job hunting can be a demotivating time for some of us, so it is important to ensure we find the energy to stay in that positive mindset. Part of this positivity will come from accepting the fact that there will be some rejection throughout […]

A billboard, is that really the way to go?

A billboard, is that really the way to go? Well as you know we are all about ensuring you differentiate yourself, but bless Adam! So there is desire and there is desperation and the latter is being demonstrated here, which is such a shame, as I understand what Adam really was hoping to achieve, something […]

Will A Good Degree Guarantee Me A Job?

Will a good degree guarantee me a job? The straight answer to this is NO. I know it seems harsh, but a degree, good or otherwise is a small part of what you have to offer, it is the rest of you, which counts. For some jobs a degree will be the minimum criteria and […]

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