I want a Job – Where do I start?- Top 10 to do list to start you off!
1. Where do you want to work? – Industry, Location, Company, Team, Job title. You need to know the answer to theses; which industry, location, company, type of team and what job title you are looking for. It is this more focused approach which will be key to your success. Please don’t feel you are having to choose for life here, but you are having to choose to focus your job hunting for today. Everything that follows next on the list will then be in line with your answer to these questions.  Remember in answering these areas, don’t be unrealistic, look at your previous experience or have an innovative reason for pursuing a specific area which will be appreciated by a future employer.
2. Have a clear 15 to 20 second introduction about yourself. Example:  “My name is Charlie Ryan and I deliver unique advice through our company The Recruitment Queen, ensuring individuals are much more likely to secure the right job”. So this intro should include your name and what you do best. Write it down and say it in front of the mirror many times so as you get very comfortable with your introduction.   Another example might be, ” I am Rebecca Long and I am an experienced administrator looking for my next position within the retail industry as I have 4 years knowledge in this sector” . It is all about confidence and the words you use.
3. Your CV – does it represent me in line with my answers to point 1? Do the bullets, pull out the right experience relevant to what you are going after today. Remember “Arial 11” should be your font and make sure the document demonstrates strong use of MS Word. Do not use a different font to stand out as this is not what will keep someone reading. The brain interprets Arial 11 in a more receptive way so it is this perceived easier read of this font which will keep someone reading.
4. Target list- So set out now who you are going to target in line with point one. Segment your job hunting and make a list. So you might decide to do an industry search within a 5 mile radius of your location for the most relevant companies. Or you might decide to do a competitor list of your previous company as your experience will be invaluable to them.  Or you might decide you wish to work in a part of town which has 20 companies and you are going to target that list.
5. Research – So you know who you are going to call, but now you need telephone numbers, the name of the right person in the company to discuss opportunities for you and also research to know exactly what the company does so you can see why they would benefit from hiring you. Also are they currently recruiting?
6. Your agency list- Agencies are a necessary evil, don’t worry companies feel the same way as you do. They are the introducer on occassions to companies and sometimes it is the only way into certain companies. So they have a role to play and it really is about choosing the ones who will represent you the best. Make sure you meet with them and demonstrate your worth. Don’t just register with them, find out if they have in general what you want as otherwise it is a waste of time them having your cv. Remember you are in control here even if you don’t always feel it.
7. Your Networking contact list – This is where you explore and contact all of your network, be methodical and consultative undertaking this process, friends of friends, your LinkedIn list, your Facebook list, who can help you? Remember you are only ever 6 people away from the person you want to meet so use that list. Do not spam them, make sure each contact is given the value and the consultative feel and communication required to make the most appropriate approach.
8. The Job boards – another necessary evil, yes you do need to be on these but again the relevant ones. Apply for the jobs that are right, but make sure you have established they are right. Do not click that apply button, apply point 6 and call , do your research and then apply if it is right for you and only then!
9. Your Plan – Now you know who you are going to approach and from the above you should have your various lists. You need to give each list a bit of time in your job hunting time. So maybe 30 minutes of calling companies, 30 minutes of calling agencies, 30 minutes of research in general & 30 minutes of targeting your networks.
10. Make the call – Yes as scary as it seems , get on the phone, promote yourself in a consultative, informative way after lots of questioning.
Follow these points and you are becoming your own recruitment consultant. This is what they do and in todays world if you are doing some of this for yourself you will stand out from the crowd and be the person companies want to take on. If you need to know more or have a specific question attend our regular free webinars as detailed on the website http://www.therecruitmentqueen.com