Redundancy outplacement support

The Recruitment Queen supports organisations in 2 ways, firstly on undertaking best practice recruitment and secondly in supporting your employees when you make them redundant.

Redundancy Outplacement

Redundancy Outplacement is one of the worst services seen to be provided across the market. The best you will hear from the individual being made redundant is that they helped with my cv, the worst is likely to be “they had a chat with me but it didn’t help”. And to top this off, it costs the employer tens of thousands of pounds for everyone just to feel that they are doing their bit and a service is being provided.

What if there was a service which gave your redundant individuals the practical tools to job hunt?
What if this was at least half of the cost of any current outsourced placement provider?
And finally… what if the individual valued this support to the point of thanking you?


Companies and individuals who work with The Recruitment Queen delivers the above experience to everyone.

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