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Unemployment has gone down! But what difference does that really make to you?

Unemployment has gone down! But what difference does that really make to you? We all heard on the news yesterday that unemployment has gone down by 4000 between April and June this year, but what difference does that make to me, or you? Overall unemployment has a high figure in the millions, roughly £2.4 million, […]

Will A Good Degree Guarantee Me A Job?

Will a good degree guarantee me a job? The straight answer to this is NO. I know it seems harsh, but a degree, good or otherwise is a small part of what you have to offer, it is the rest of you, which counts. For some jobs a degree will be the minimum criteria and […]

I need a Job!

But do you? Do you need a Job or do you want a Job? I know you might think they’re the same thing but in reality there’s a huge difference. Think about all the times you have really needed something, how many times have you succeeded? Now think about all the times you have wanted […]

Get Your Job Hunting Down to 5 Minutes a Day

Most candidates are spending hours and hours on “job boards” like Monster, Jobsite and Reed, sending off application after application and searching for so many jobs that they can’t even keep them all straight. But what if there were an easier way? Luckily, there is. It is all about the research. If you know what […]

Knowing Your Worth

Part of your ability to succeed in obtaining a job is knowing your worth. If you overvalue yourself against the market, you are unlikely to get a job offer – there are plenty of similarly qualified candidates willing to take less. However, undervaluing your worth will leave you unsatisfied and may even raise questions with […]

Working the Job Boards

There are a large number of job boards available for those out of work in the UK. Before I get into a list of those you should use, I want to discuss how to use them for maximum opportunity. The Right Fit First, you need to choose the one that is right for you. If […]

Over-qualified vs. Under-qualified – How to Overcome Objections

Many employers have a mental image of the perfect candidate for each job. In most cases, this includes a list of the must-haves, the nice-to-haves and a salary range. Their objective is to get the person with the most skills at the lowest cost. Unfortunately for the employer, rarely do ‘perfect’ candidates walk through the […]

Using a Recruiter: Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

As a recruiter, I am often asked why job seekers should use a recruiter to help them with their job hunting. Most job seekers go it alone and locate open positions through advertisements and online job boards. What can a recruiter do for me? This is the top question I hear in my profession. Firstly, […]

Organise Your Job Search for Better Success

Job hunting can be a hectic experience. You send out a batch of 20 CVs and cover letters to 20 different employers and then furiously try to keep track of who’s who as the calls come in. Then you have to organise interview and follow-up times. Some days, you feel as you are so busy […]

Develop a Job Hunting Routine – Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure

Just as tempting as it is to panic after a job loss, so too is the opportunity to “relax”. While taking time to recoup emotionally and to think out the next steps in your career plan is advisable, this can often time grow into a general indolence that leads you away from employment success. Developing […]

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