3P’s of Job hunting

Be Positive, Be Persistent & Don’t Procrastinate.

Job hunting can be a demotivating time for some of us, so it is important to ensure we find the energy to stay in that positive mindset.

Part of this positivity will come from accepting the fact that there will be some rejection throughout our job hunting process. Understand that the rejections are getting you nearer to that excellent employer of your dreams. As with everything it is a numbers game and what you are doing is a means to an end, so start to record those rejections and you know you are well on your journey to securing that interview.

Being positive is the first step but after that you do need more than this, as positivity can spur you into action, but it doesn’t ensure that the quality of that action is at it’s best. This is where persistence comes in!

Don’t be too easily put off by someone as they may not know what you have to offer, or enough about you and we can be too quick to get off the phone because they have said No. Instead try questioning them to see how we could move forward in the future even if not now. Persistence will ensure you get the most out of every situation as opposed to just undertaking the task or the duty.

And finally remember the first 2 P’s can only be put into practice if you get on with it. Get your Job hunting out of the way first thing, don’t procrastinate it. Have your 2 hours planned job hunting every morning between 9.30am & 11.30am the core hours when you are likely to be able to get hold of the companies you wish to speak with.

Job hunting is a daily task of at least 2 hours worth of activity if you wish to succeed. Get it done and apply both a positive attitude and persistency and you will succeed.