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Career Change, Is now the time?

Making a Career Change, Is now the time? Making a Career Change later in Life can be difficult but not impossible. It is all about considering all of the different factors and what you are actually trying to do. So think about it, lets be practical about this, what you are actually saying is, I […]


Redundancy has become a fact of life for people all over the globe. Whilst the recession has reportedly advanced into a ‘recovery’ period, those who remain unemployed aren’t feeling very optimistic. And it’s not clear that 2012 will bring any sunshine to the situation. Although unemployment is expected to peak mid-year, and then presumably begin […]

Managing Finances in the Wake of Job Loss

One of the most difficult things about losing your job is the financial pressure it brings. Most people do not have enough savings to maintain their current lifestyle under the circumstances of a job loss. This is where planning ahead can really be beneficial. Unfortunately, job loss can strike without warning. As outlined in my […]

Redundancy – Know Your Rights!

Redundancy is painful – there’s no way around that fact. However, if you know your rights, you can manage your time and resources more effectively and make your job hunting efforts work for you. Employees under notice of redundancy have the right to: What does this really mean? First, it gives you a certain amount […]

Job Hunting – Where Should I Begin?

Everyone in the UK is keenly aware of the redundancy problem. Whilst unemployment fell in May, the number of applications for Job Seeker’s Allowance is up. And really, with government plans to streamline and cut jobs over the next few years, redundancy is not a problem that will go away anytime soon. The best place […]

Help! I’ve Been Made Redundant!

Redundancy. It has hit every industry, every job class and every nation. For those in the UK, redundancy is a long-term problem that does not seem will end soon. While there is strength in numbers, this is one area where more is not merrier – they are competing with you for very limited job resources. […]

Preparing For a Troubled Labour Market – Start Now

The best time to prepare for job loss through redundancy or potential company closure is before you lose your job. The better prepared you are if and when that day comes, the easier it will be for you to cope with the challenges job loss brings. As human beings, we tend to ignore the possibilities […]

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