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Watch the video below to find out what 3 – 30 – 3 means!

Career Change, Is now the time?

Making a Career Change, Is now the time? Making a Career Change later in Life can be difficult but not impossible. It is all about considering all of the different factors and what you are actually trying to do. So think about it, lets be practical about this, what you are actually saying is, I […]

I want a Job – Where do I start?- Top 10 to do list to start you off!

I want a Job – Where do I start?- Top 10 to do list to start you off! 1. Where do you want to work? – Industry, Location, Company, Team, Job title. You need to know the answer to theses; which industry, location, company, type of team and what job title you are looking for. […]

Will A Good Degree Guarantee Me A Job?

Will a good degree guarantee me a job? The straight answer to this is NO. I know it seems harsh, but a degree, good or otherwise is a small part of what you have to offer, it is the rest of you, which counts. For some jobs a degree will be the minimum criteria and […]

How Can I Use Social Media to Enhance My Job Search?

FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular social media networks in the English-speaking world, and as such form powerful tools, you can use in your job search. The number of users on these sites is staggering: [bulleted_list style=”bullet”] FaceBook: 500 million users LinkedIn: 150 million users Twitter: 75 million users [/bulleted_list] As a job […]

The Benefits Of Smarter Job Hunting

To bring into context the advice I’m about to share, we must start at the end of the story, and a situation, I as a recruiter am now faced with. Let’s fast-forward to today (Tuesday), and all I can say, is, what a frustrating week it’s been for us in terms of finding the right […]

Would you really do whatever it takes to get that job?

My faith was reaffirmed this week in the fact that there actually are some candidates who want the job so much, they’re prepared to go the extra mile to to ensure they’ve got the best possible chance of getting hired, and in todays market if you do want to differentiate yourself then that is what you […]

Get Your Job Hunting Down to 5 Minutes a Day

Most candidates are spending hours and hours on “job boards” like Monster, Jobsite and Reed, sending off application after application and searching for so many jobs that they can’t even keep them all straight. But what if there were an easier way? Luckily, there is. It is all about the research. If you know what […]

Job Hunting – Where Should I Begin?

Everyone in the UK is keenly aware of the redundancy problem. Whilst unemployment fell in May, the number of applications for Job Seeker’s Allowance is up. And really, with government plans to streamline and cut jobs over the next few years, redundancy is not a problem that will go away anytime soon. The best place […]

Knowing Your Worth

Part of your ability to succeed in obtaining a job is knowing your worth. If you overvalue yourself against the market, you are unlikely to get a job offer – there are plenty of similarly qualified candidates willing to take less. However, undervaluing your worth will leave you unsatisfied and may even raise questions with […]

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