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School leavers and graduates are pulled from pillar to post on the advice they get about job hunting and more often than not it is out of date.

Writing a “great” CV seems to be the best and biggest message that is given to these students, when the cv is of the least importance in the process. The CV has it’s part to play but there are so many practical tools students need to ensure they are delivering what the employer in today’s market expects.

The Recruitment Queen provides all of the information you need through a pick and choose workshop and webinar solution.

Some of this information is provided freely and some of it is paid for as it requires the time and investment of experts interacting with you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew how to talk about yourself even with no work experience?
Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could get yourself an interview and not be reliant on sending your cv?
And finally…. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if 10 different people didn’t tell you how to change your cv???

Job hunters, Students. Graduates….. your first tip for free:

Never ever pay to have your cv written!!!! You wouldn’t pay someone to do the interview for you, well I know it doesn’t seem like the same but it is. This document is about you, it is the paper version of you!

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