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As a Career Advisor or someone supporting in a school – Is your CV advice up to date?

I want a Job – Where do I start?- Top 10 to do list to start you off!

I want a Job – Where do I start?- Top 10 to do list to start you off! 1. Where do you want to work? – Industry, Location, Company, Team, Job title. You need to know the answer to theses; which industry, location, company, type of team and what job title you are looking for. […]

My New Job Isn’t What I thought It Would Be.. What Should I do?

So you got what you thought was the job of your dreams. The selection process was tough but you got it!! The excitement, the relief and the anticipation probably don’t even begin to describe how you felt at achieving that moment. Then you start, it has all come true or has it? The training is […]

Our Take On The BBC Apprentice Finals

So Lord Sugar has decided to “play it safe” with a recruiter winning the Apprentice. In our opinion, a weak boardroom final considering the lengthy recruitment process, which I’m sure a number of competent recruiters would agree with me. Aside from the usual TV antics though, has Lord Sugar ended up with the right Apprentice? […]

Higher Education from a Recruiter’s Perspective

Education is an expensive endeavour these days. It is definitely a plus when it comes to getting a good job. It’s one of those things where more is usually better. But not always. Let me explain. As we all know, an education is costly. Once we have received it, we then need to become employed. […]

How to Get Experience if You Need Experience in the First Place

How to Get Experience if You Need Experience in the First Place There is an old Catch-22 that applies to getting a job: “You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job”. It’s a vicious circle that many job seekers find frustrating. This doesn’t just apply to recent graduates, […]

The Buzz On: Web Designer

Web design is a hot job wherever you go. All companies – small to large – need to have a web presence to maximise business success. Some companies incorporate web design functions into the general position of IT manager, but a web designer does very specific things. Web designers are versatile creatures. They must understand […]

Career Trends 2010

With the labour market in the UK (and globally) in flux, it is often difficult to predict emerging labour trends – jobs that are hot now, may turn lukewarm a year from now. As a recruiter, I see some very specific job trends emerging throughout London and the UK that I would like to share […]

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