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The Interview Question of the Moment!

With all the interviews our clients are doing at the moment it has become clear that the interview question of the moment is “What did you do during COVID lockdown if you were furloughed or unemployed?” How are you answering this during your interviews? There are lots of variations on this question and it is a […]

Answering The Question!

New Placement Employee Chloe talks about ‘Answering the question’ in Job Interviews!  

Should I Tailor Every Job Application And Covering letter?

Companies and recruitment agencies both like to feel you’ve made an effort even if they don’t get a chance to read it fully. Where you are applying to a company direct they’ll be pleased to read words which they associate with their organisation and subconsciously, they will be more positive about your application

Affording the workshop

We have just been asked a very good question. How do we expect people without jobs to pay £200 to do job applications, which succeed? There is no denying that it does cost money to find a job, albeit, travel a new suit, the coffee before and after and even that new pair of shoes. […]

10 Job Boards and I Still Can’t Find a Job – What Am I Doing Wrong?

  If you’ve plastered the job boards with your CV and spend hours each day on your job hunting efforts without gaining a single interview, your error most likely lies in your CV and cover letter, or the process by which you submit them. Job boards seem easy enough to navigate, but you would be […]

Dressing Up a Job Title

I’ve seen a lot of people looking for employment who struggle with making mundane job titles sound somewhat more exciting. To some extent, selecting a job title that is more descriptive of your actual job duties can be, at times, a good idea. For instance, if you hold a generic job title, such as ‘Clerk’, […]

Over-qualified vs. Under-qualified – How to Overcome Objections

Many employers have a mental image of the perfect candidate for each job. In most cases, this includes a list of the must-haves, the nice-to-haves and a salary range. Their objective is to get the person with the most skills at the lowest cost. Unfortunately for the employer, rarely do ‘perfect’ candidates walk through the […]

Fine Line Between Appearing Keen and Appearing Desperate

Following up with prospective employers can be a tricky proposition. On the one hand, you want to assure the company that you are truly interested in the position and are excited to work for the company. On the other hand, you don’t want to appear to be an overanxious, desperate stalker that calls every day […]

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