Unemployment has gone down!
But what difference does that really make to you?

We all heard on the news yesterday that unemployment has gone down by 4000 between April and June this year, but what difference does that make to me, or you? Overall unemployment has a high figure in the millions, roughly £2.4 million, but is the market really changing for me?

And the answer is no, you can’t really feel this difference. You are still in a world if you are job hunting, where you are competing with the rest of the 2.4 million, so forget what the news is saying and just think about your world. I had the most humbling experience last week of listening and watching Molly Hughes (One of the youngest to climb Mount Everest at the age of 21 years) talk about some of the attributes you need as an individual to succeed at this challenge. My question to you is what is your “Mount Everest?” It could well be finding the job you want. Do you have the 4 attributes she talks about?


Without the desire being there you are unlikely to deal with the knock backs, the desire will reaffirm your resilience and determination. Accept that job hunting is difficult in todays world, but fix it as a challenge or as a race for those of you who are sporty and can relate to this and imagine the picture of your success at the end. If you don’t know what that success looks like then your desire won’t be so strong either. So do you know what you want in your job search, why you want that job, where you need to go to find it and then what you need to do? If you don’t know the answers to these questions do some soul searching and find them.

If you are more likely to get a job 100 miles away, then move!!. We allow obstacles to come in our way and don’t think about how we can overcome them. Do you need to go to an area where there is less competition? Is this a daunting prospect? Maybe it is. But be honest with yourself do you really want that job badly as if you don’t in today’s world if you are not the person doing whatever it takes then you are unlikely to get it? And know this, there is someone who does want that job badly, more than you, there is someone who is willing to do whatever it takes. If you know you are that person well keep your goal in mind, reassert your determination and go and get that job.

There are huge market opportunities, remember the unemployment figure is how many are out of work, but ignore this look at the number in work, now how much easier does it feel to be part of this figure? Read more about Mollie’s inspirational story and you will absolutely feel you can conquer the world. http://www.molliehughes.co.uk/everest.html

Charlie Ryan MREC Cert. RP
The Recruitment Queen