But do you? Do you need a Job or do you want a Job? I know you might think they’re the same thing but in reality there’s a huge difference.

Think about all the times you have really needed something, how many times have you succeeded?

Now think about all the times you have wanted something and where you have succeeded.

The real difference between need and want is that one is reactive and the other is proactive. When we need something we tend to be very reactive to what is there and we continue this pattern, leaving our success down in the most part to luck.

When we want something we go out and get it. We’re very proactive, we think outside the box to see what will work and what won’t.  This approach means we’re exploring every avenue out there as opposed to what is coming to us.

So let me give you an example:

Those who need a job rely on the job board adverts and apply on line sending their CV. Those who want a job do very little of this and go to market in ways that get them found by others because of their proactive approach. These are the candidates who are not leaving their success to chance.

In life the more desperate we become, the less likely we are to succeed and this isn’t just related to job hunting. However the more confident, proactive and determined we are the more likely, it’ll just be a matter of time before the success will come.

So now do you need a job or want a job??? You decide.