Managing Your Time

Your time is invaluable, so is it really a valuable use of your time to spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week job hunting? Can anybody do the same thing 8 hours a day 5 days a week? Well I suppose you can and we have all done it when we had our […]

Know Why The Job is Right for You

You have taken the time to apply for a job, you know it’s perfect for you, but can you communicate this effectively? Are you concise in terms of getting this point across to a company or an agency with a passion but not desperation? Take some time just to be very clear as to why […]

Keeping Track Of Your Job Hunting

You need to know where you have sent an application, who to, which agency which contact and most importantly why. If you haven’t tracked all of this information you have no idea when someone calls you from a company or an agency which job you applied for. If you don’t sound like you are in […]

Planning Your Job Hunt

Who really sits down and plans their job hunting? It’s important to set goals linked to what you‘re trying to achieve, and as with any goal your job hunting goals needs to be SMART – Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Saying you want to be in a job next week is no good. Identifying […]

The Benefits Of Smarter Job Hunting

To bring into context the advice I’m about to share, we must start at the end of the story, and a situation, I as a recruiter am now faced with. Let’s fast-forward to today (Tuesday), and all I can say, is, what a frustrating week it’s been for us in terms of finding the right […]

Working Smart – How To Focus Your Job Search

Work Smarter – Focus Your Job Search I often hear the same thing from people who visit my recruiting office: “I’ve sent out hundreds of applications, done tonnes of interviews and no one will hire me.” Whenever I hear this, the first question that comes to mind is, “There have really been hundreds of jobs […]

Affording the workshop

We have just been asked a very good question. How do we expect people without jobs to pay £200 to do job applications, which succeed? There is no denying that it does cost money to find a job, albeit, travel a new suit, the coffee before and after and even that new pair of shoes. […]


Redundancy has become a fact of life for people all over the globe. Whilst the recession has reportedly advanced into a ‘recovery’ period, those who remain unemployed aren’t feeling very optimistic. And it’s not clear that 2012 will bring any sunshine to the situation. Although unemployment is expected to peak mid-year, and then presumably begin […]

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