Redundancy – Know Your Rights!

Redundancy is painful – there’s no way around that fact. However, if you know your rights, you can manage your time and resources more effectively and make your job hunting efforts work for you. Employees under notice of redundancy have the right to: What does this really mean? First, it gives you a certain amount […]

Job Hunting – Where Should I Begin?

Everyone in the UK is keenly aware of the redundancy problem. Whilst unemployment fell in May, the number of applications for Job Seeker’s Allowance is up. And really, with government plans to streamline and cut jobs over the next few years, redundancy is not a problem that will go away anytime soon. The best place […]

I Received a Job Offer, But It’s the Wrong Salary

You’ve been job hunting for months – dozens of CVs, numerous interviews, and finally, you’ve received the long-awaited job offer! Unfortunately, it’s £7,000 less than what you need to just survive and pay the bills. The dilemma is agonising: It pays more than nothing, but you still can’t meet your daily needs. What do you […]

10 Job Boards and I Still Can’t Find a Job – What Am I Doing Wrong?

  If you’ve plastered the job boards with your CV and spend hours each day on your job hunting efforts without gaining a single interview, your error most likely lies in your CV and cover letter, or the process by which you submit them. Job boards seem easy enough to navigate, but you would be […]

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