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We’ve Been Awarded – The ‘Best Small Business Award 2017’!!

I am delighted and honoured to be awarded The British & Ireland Trade Alliance “best small business” 2017. My allegiance to both countries makes this all the more special and for an award to be as a result of nominations, as opposed to entering, adds to the honour. I would like to pay tribute to […]

October 16, 2017 Post Comment News

Video: University placements

Are you currently at uni? Are you thinking about uni? Is a placement year of value to you? A placement year is great exposure to the “working world” and will be of real value when it comes to job hunting.

October 4, 2017 Post Comment News

The 2 worst mistakes you could make in a job interview, according to an ex-Apple recruiter

Charlie Ryan says: “I don’t think individuals have any idea of how much is being judged before the interview is truly taking place. I totally support the comments on this article, how you treat other people will be assessed. I also think meeting someone for a coffee as part of the interview allows the interviewer […]

September 29, 2017 Post Comment News

10 Common Recruitment Mistakes

Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming, especially if done wrong. Ensuring you have the right recruitment process along the way is fundamental. Here are some common recruitment mistakes to watch out for: 1) Get your job description right There are lots of jobs being advertised out there, make sure yours stands out and covers everything […]

September 7, 2017 Post Comment News

5 Step Recruitment Process

Take a quick look into our Recruitment Process! An informative VIDEO by CMR Recruitment.

August 21, 2017 Post Comment News

Millions of workers ‘stuck’ in the wrong job

Charlie Ryan says: “I think that there are millions of workers stuck in the wrong job, but I am not convinced that this needs to be once again a government problem, which needs more subsidies or money being thrown at it. We do find where a worker wants to develop they will leave the company […]

August 4, 2017 Post Comment News

Robots screen Vodafone candidates

Charlie Ryan says: “I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise to us that there is now AI which can assess and judge our suitability from an uploaded video interaction. I think this will save a lot of time in the recruitment process and have some advantage, however it is still only […]

Are you dreading entering the world of job hunting?

In-house Workshop: Job Hunting Advice From An Expert Are you dreading entering the world of job hunting? Are you disheartened at all of those applications you have sent and heard nothing back? Do you need help on writing a winning CV? If so Charlie Ryan, an expert within the Recruitment Industry, is running an interactive […]

Reminder: Facebook Live Q&A: GCSE’s DONE! What now?

Charlie Ryan will be online answering your questions and worries about ‘Post GCSE’s – What Now?’   So have a think about what your questions and worries are now that you’ve completed your GCSEs and pop online to chat with Charlie Ryan – Job & Recruitment Expert!   You can email your questions to […]


It’s a tough time….. exam after exam with the sun out. The familiar questions of “have I done enough?” with the familiar answer of “of course not!”. There is never “enough” and never enough time to feel that we have. However it is important you give this time the most you can, not because exams […]

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