Charlie Ryan says: “I think that there are millions of workers stuck in the wrong job, but I am not convinced that this needs to be once again a government problem, which needs more subsidies or money being thrown at it. We do find where a worker wants to develop they will leave the company and go where they can get this development. This in turn does mean that an employer who cannot support this development, loses an employee, but if the employee was over qualified for the job necessity anyway, then they can employ a lower level employee where there won’t be that frustration.

Those who choose to educate themselves do need to understand that there isn’t an entitlement for them to be supported by the economy to find that level of job, just because they decided to get educated. There are also many reasons employees choose to stay in lower level jobs even where they can do more, location to home, flexibility of hours, less responsibility and stress.

It is important more that money is being spent to ensure graduates and school leavers are coming out with the softer skills to get a job as at the moment, worth ethic and interpersonal skills as well as communication skills regardless of the harder skill set, are the barrier to securing an opportunity. This can also be the case with those in jobs where they feel they can offer more. Just because many can offer more, doesn’t mean they have the rounded softer skill set or communication skill set to do it. And once again this is not something the economy or the government should have to support.”

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