Charlie Ryan says: “I don’t think individuals have any idea of how much is being judged before the interview is truly taking place. I totally support the comments on this article, how you treat other people will be assessed. I also think meeting someone for a coffee as part of the interview allows the interviewer to judge other things too, like basic manners. These are important to companies, as they will effect where you are working as part of a team, so for example do you slurp that coffee? ? Are you impatient in the queue? Are you engaging in positive rapport building about the environment as opposed to the negative comment on the slow service? Are you making eye contact with your interviewer or are you allowing the distraction of the environment to interrupt you? If you have chosen to eat, again are you ensuring you are not speaking when your mouth still has food in it?

Some of these areas are so basic, but many interviewers will still judge on these especially if they are working closely with you and it won’t matter how good you are at the job, these early judgements will put them off.

The best rule of thumb is to treat everyone with the utmost respect no matter how irrelevant you think they might be to your particular ambition and ultimately you will do well. Don’t forget the manners you were taught when you were young, they may not be important when you are around friends, but they may have an impact on your interview!”