Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming, especially if done wrong. Ensuring you have the right recruitment process along the way is fundamental. Here are some common recruitment mistakes to watch out for:

1) Get your job description right
There are lots of jobs being advertised out there, make sure yours stands out and covers everything a candidate will need to know. Misleading information will nearly always result in the wrong people applying for the job.

2) The CV isn’t the be all and end all 
Sometimes Candidates with the best CV’s aren’t always the right ones. Don’t just judge on a CV, there is more to these people than just 1 document.

3) Be open to variety
Have an open and diverse mind to candidates, try not to be too narrowed minded in who you are looking for. You don’t want to miss out on what could be that ideal candidate.

4) Don’t just rely on the one interview
Whilst you may feel you have met the right candidate, we would always recommend a second interview. Not only does it reaffirm that the candidate wants your job by them coming back to see you again, but there will always be something you or the candidate didn’t cover in the first interview.

5) Get your interview questions right 
Even the most experienced interviewers can get it wrong which is why it’s so important to plan them. Ensure you are covering a mix of biographical and competency based questions.

6) Get to know your candidates
Joining the above point, whilst you need to interview candidates appropriately, make sure you allow time to get to know them. Personality and culture fit is important especially in small businesses. An interview is as much for the candidate as it is for the company, make sure they walk away wanting you.

7) Have you checked references? 
Whilst it can add to the recruitment process duration, checking references is a valuable stage.

8) Dragging out the process
If your application process is too long, candidates will lose interest and move on. If you are recruiting ensure you have availability to interview and make sure you communicate with them.

9) Consider how you handle your rejections
Just because a candidate isn’t suitable for one position doesn’t mean you may not want them at a later date. Keep relationships open, don’t miss out on someone for the sake of this one position.

10) Manage your expectations – don’t expect too much too soon
We all want candidates to “hit the ground running” but ensure you allow your new recruit to learn the process and expectations of the role and business. Have weekly 1-1’s with them and ensure you are communicating any concerns.

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