Google boss struggles to answer Google job interview question

Charlie Ryan comments: “It is so important that questions are not being put to the candidate for the fun of the interviewer, without them having a proper place in the context for the job or for the person. Any interviewers asking these ridiculous questions today, are more likely to be on their own power trip, […]

November 30, 2016 Post Comment News

Feedback on “ Taking Your Brand to Market” presentation by Charlie Ryan on 15TH July 2016

Feedback on “ Taking Your Brand to Market” presentation by Charlie Ryan on 15TH July 2016 “This presentation formed part of our Creating Your Brand and Employability day for Year 12 students in July 2016. Charlie’s presentation was fantastic as always. The students were totally engaged by the interesting, lively and confident delivery. The Power […]

November 24, 2016 Post Comment News

Ban on unpaid internships being considered, says UK employment minister

The Recruitment Queen says: “It would be a shame for unpaid internships to be removed as getting the experience is so important for individuals to be able to command their worth at a later date. Why should we legislate even if these jobs can be fulfilled on an internship basis, constantly rotating for individuals to […]

November 23, 2016 Post Comment News

School-leavers ‘lack essential workplace skills’

“It is so disappointing that the education system hasn’t evolved to deliver the demands of the workplace, as it is so difficult for young people to bridge this gap. I agree that some of this education will come from outside school activities, but schools do need to be more engaged with the private sector to […]

November 23, 2016 Post Comment News

Millennials on the move

‘Millennials on the move’ via London Evening Standard Charlie Ryan Says: “I think this is very reflective of what we are seeing in the market and the time is coming where employers will need to be less judgmental on seeing candidates move jobs more and they will need to be more appreciative of what they […]

November 11, 2016 Post Comment News

Workshop – Skills to help you achieve your 2017 work goals.

December – a time for reflection on the year past January – a time to look at the year ahead 2016 What have you developed about yourself within your job this year that has created personal improvement? What have you achieved in your role this year over and above your job requirements? 2017 What do […]

November 10, 2016 Post Comment News
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