The Recruitment Queen says: “It would be a shame for unpaid internships to be removed as getting the experience is so important for individuals to be able to command their worth at a later date. Why should we legislate even if these jobs can be fulfilled on an internship basis, constantly rotating for individuals to do them and gain experience? The world of employment is constantly evolving and trying to control it creates difficulties later on, the normal evolution would eventually show that jobs which can be done on this basis, are possibly not a career roles but stepping stones to different opportunities. This in itself would show those earlier on to individuals that choosing these jobs as a career, might not the way to go and they may well choose to study something different, or have higher ambitions, understanding the journey involves certain roles which will only ever be internships. I find with a lot of our laws and rules, the more we put in place, the more we encourage dishonesty, as you will find that employers will find their way around all rules and it is to the disadvantage of the candidate or employee.”

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