‘Millennials on the move’ via London Evening Standard

Charlie Ryan Says: “I think this is very reflective of what we are seeing in the market and the time is coming where employers will need to be less judgmental on seeing candidates move jobs more and they will need to be more appreciative of what they bring when they are in the role. In fact the less expectant an employer is, of someone staying longer than 2 years, there is a higher likelihood that the employer will be about getting a good ROI whilst the employee is there. This generally leads to a more demanding, expectant and fulfilling role, albeit over a shorter timescale for the employer and the employee.”

Original Article: http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/esmagazine/meet-the-20ksomethings-theyre-smart-educated-and-refuse-to-be-pinned-down-to-one-job-a3390206.html