“It is so disappointing that the education system hasn’t evolved to deliver the demands of the workplace, as it is so difficult for young people to bridge this gap. I agree that some of this education will come from outside school activities, but schools do need to be more engaged with the private sector to ensure their students are better prepared on behaviours and competencies required and not just academia. If the focus on behaviours started earlier, then there would be greater awareness earlier on. How brilliant would it be if customers services, problem solving, decision making behaviours were being assessed from the 11+ as opposed to just the academic result of the subject? I appreciate the importance of this too, but it’s not enough to ensure these students can enter the workplace comfortably at 18. If schools are not going to educate on this, then there should be a transition of “business etiquette” which all businesses should deliver when they take on individuals straight from school and at least this creates the understanding of what is missing and that someone has to educate on this.”

Original Article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37824641