Getting Your CV Past the 5-Second Rule

The 5-second rule? Yes, the 5-second rule. There’s really a 5-second rule for CV reviewing? How do you know? Yes, there really is. I know because that is, in part, how I screen my own job candidates. Recruiters and large HR departments receive perhaps 100 CVs and applications per day for various positions. In that […]

I need a Job!

But do you? Do you need a Job or do you want a Job? I know you might think they’re the same thing but in reality there’s a huge difference. Think about all the times you have really needed something, how many times have you succeeded? Now think about all the times you have wanted […]

You’re Hired Workshop At The University Of Hertfordshire

Last Thursday saw our first workshop of the year at the University Of Hertfordshire, and also the first of our new 2-hour ‘Taking Yourself To Market’ sessions. The engagement of delegates of all ages was incredible. This was a 2 hour workshop which covered all of the different areas of job hunting and what you […]

Ask For Help

This sounds like such a simple tip but I want you to understand that there is so much resource around us, that we very rarely use. Friends, old colleagues, networks, facebook, linked in, are you using these resources, which are at your fingertips. Remember our friends and old colleagues maybe in jobs; perhaps they can […]

Do Video CVs Have What It Takes To Replace The Traditional CV?

In this article we take a look at a new website that is pushing the video CV as the replacement to the traditional CV, and the potential pitfalls around this.

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