Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen commented on the below linked article:

“I think this reality check is necessary and might help turn the tables of expectation, where Graduates have this pressure to get the perfect job, to know now what they want to do forever! I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career and when I entered the world of work, it was all about earning money, to start a life and get security. This takes the pressure off and you can get a job that you might like, rather than having the pressure to know now what you want to do forever. There should be more support for people to try things they might like, to earn money in order to build their life and become responsible and eventually they will find their path. Therefore, if students have lowered this expectation of themselves , that can only be a good thing. It doesn’t mean the journey won’t happen and they won’t achieve, more than likely they will learn some great skills if they apply themselves to deliver the security they want in the short term, to contribute to that longer journey.”