Charlie Ryan comments on the following article:

“I think this article is true and it’s well written, as it doesn’t place “blame” on the workplace or the employer, it is true that we need to understand more why women are removing themselves from the workplace after having children, and or why they don’t progress as quickly after they return to work. From my personal experience it seems to be that the home environment hasn’t changed enough to the degree where there really is that 50/50 split of responsibilities and what we also don’t know is whether or not this is through the choice of the women, or whether or not the partner role played still hasn’t evolved enough. A couple of the consultants in our business do have support at home but it isn’t enough to fully immerse themselves into what I would need in the higher level of role if they wanted it, because they don’t have the support at home. I think there has to be an amazing support system at home for both parties to be able to progress, because what I have found is, that “last minute .com” scenarios, which are often required at the higher level of job, do not work for the care of the children without this support system and that is un-deniably, in the main, still falling to women. It is also important to remember that sometimes this is their choice and we shouldn’t be pushing anyone to choose differently, as long as they know what they want, just to prove better female numbers at a higher level. It is important to remember that in trying to break glass ceilings in chasing equality, is it really what women and men want for their family life? And if it is, and they get the support in place at home then it is very important that the opportunity is there for them, regardless of sex and or whether they have children.”