We experienced, first hand, a recent situation where a young person applied for a job that was advertised as a “Trainee Apprentice – Business & Sales Assistant based in Watford.

They attended an interview and we suggested they ask a lot of questions at this interview.  Questions about the company, the role and, most importantly, “what would my average day look like?”  They actually asked no questions as they felt the opportunity did not arise.  This was their first formal interview and, like many young people, they lacked confidence to ask – and were not asked if they had any questions.

Asking questions shows that you have researched the role and are interested.  It also helps you to establish if it is the right company and job for you.    We constantly say that recruitment is a two-way process – with the Company choosing you and you choosing the right Company.

They received a phone call that evening to say they were through to the next round – which was an unpaid trial day in the job.   We believe this a great idea (when feasible) for both parties to see if it works for them.    Turning up the next day for their trial they discovered the reality of the role was “door-to-door” sales.    After a few hours they completely realised that this was not the role for them.

How could they have avoided this?

The one question – “what would my average day look like” would have meant the Company would have had to outline the role more clearly.

ASK QUESTIONS – candidates are looking for the right Company and role as well as the organisation looking for the right person for the job.

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