rachel-pine-standingWe asked Rachel Fowler her thoughts and experienced based on this article topic.

Rachel is a fantastic member of our team and also a mum!

Have a read of the article and her comments – We’d also love to hear your experiences.

“Interesting. I breast-fed and did sometimes have to express at work or out but I don’t remember it having to be at such specific times.

I also considered it my “situation” to deal with and not anybody else’s. If I’m honest I would usually visit a ladies bathroom. It might not sound hygienic but the milk would never touch anything. I had a cooler bag and kept it in my bag.

Eventually I moved to some bottle and some breast to fit around everything. I fed both of them up to 1 year and I’m pretty sure not one person was aware – I personally kept it private.

I guess I had the kind of jobs where I could leave my desk for 20 minutes without question – which not everyone else has. We are all different – but even as a Mum who fed – I’m not sure I would want to see someone else’s breast milk in the tea fridge !!!”