Comments based on article via Early Morning Media:  
We have been led astray by the government and small minded thinkers that “IN” or “OUT”, is clear cut when it comes to Europe. The actual reality of the impact of “OUT” is being exaggerated rather than explained. Most successful things in Life & Business, are about compromise and to have compromise, we need to be “IN” and use some of the “opt out” options which are open to us, in many areas with Europe. We have many problems in this country, which although may feel like they are related to whether we are “IN” or “OUT”, the reality is different. We have politicians who want “OUT”, leading us into believing our immigration policy will be more controlled if we vote in this way and they are starting to create racist fears and a movement towards this view. We should be proud of our track record of negotiation and compromise, which has led us as small as we are, to be a country who has a weighting in the world. Remember that “IN” will allow us to opt out and achieve an area of compromise in so many things, which breeds success in most areas of life…. “OUT” will close the door completely! We held our position on the “Pound” as we will in so many areas in the future. Don’t let the media and individuals in government, who only know how to sway opinion, (that is their job, their only job), make you change your mind. Make up your own mind on the facts, the greatest of which is that no one really knows what the reality of being out will do. We can guess, but we don’t know and remember, our immigration policy which seems to be leading this vote for so many, was put in place by the government, not by us being “IN”