UK Unemployment on the Rise

The news on unemployment is less than inspiring these days. In September, the BBC reported that UK unemployment “rose by 80,000 in the three months to July this year to 2.51 million, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS)”. This is the largest increase we’ve seen in almost two years. The number of unemployed British youth also rose significantly by 78,000 to 973,000.

If these numbers aren’t bleak enough, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) predicted in its last Quarterly Economic Forecast that UK GDP will grow by a mere 1.3% while the CPI will increase by 4.5% this year and 2.7% in 2012. They also expect unemployment to peak at 2.6 million in mid-2012. This comes with a word of caution, however. David Frost, Director General of the BCC, stated that while the signs of recovery were heartening, he warned, “The government has more to do if the private sector is to create new jobs…otherwise we risk unemployment increasing by more than the +150,000 figure predicted in our forecast.”[1]

This news does little to ease the burden on jobless workers. Another 150,000 unemployed citizens means even stiffer competition for too few jobs. The news makes it clear that using every available resource at your disposal to obtain new employment will be critical. You will need to go above and beyond that of your competition in order to secure employment. Things such as research, interview preparation and follow-up are no longer an option for the serious job hunter – they are absolute musts.

A few tips for workers worried about their futures:

  • Always be prepared for the possibility of redundancy.
  • Create an emergency budget in case you become jobless.
  • Maintain contact with your professional network and call in favours and friendships.
  • Work smart – organise your job search and get professionals working for you.
  • Consider temporary jobs to get you through the rough spots.
  • Ask yourself whether more education will increase your chances of employment.

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