“The onward march of the new young fogey” via http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36517857

Charlie Ryan Says: “I think the experience we have in our office in some ways does seem to support the information given here. I do think that those individuals who desire success are feeling empowered younger, to ensure they are doing what they want. I think chasing a quality of life has become the goal and part of this is the real “work life balance” which we expect as individuals and this is feeding into the next generation. The work culture we have here is very sociable and we discuss and compete weekly in various types of exercise. It encourages those who haven’t embraced exercise yet to be a part of it, therefore promoting a healthier and generally happier energetic work focus when they are there. I think Nicola’s next thing is Team Spin!!! Yes I am dreading it, but if nothing else it will be amusing and that creates a common shared experience breeding a fun yet committed culture.”