daughter copy mother working on laptop

daughter copy mother working on laptop

We are heading towards September, Mum’s are considering returning to work, what challenges will they find?

Some companies embrace the “Returning Mum” – fully appreciating the skill-set that they will have gained before motherhood and the added experience being a mother can bring. These women are often loyal and committed to the Companies that take them on.

Some businesses have concerns – will they be able to do the hours? will they have to take a lot of time off? what about school holidays? what childcare will be in place?

All these questions they are not allowed to ask – so think about covering these issues yourself to put their minds at rest. Make sure you are ready to eliminate any of these concerns.

I am a working mother and have been for 18 years now – I won’t deny it has been a juggling act – but one I have managed. I consider myself highly professional, driven, conscientious and an achiever. I have always met all targets, given more hours than expected, been a team player and applied myself 100% to the role – as well as being a Mother. Rachel Fowler

So, when looking for work:

· Know your worth
· Understand why the employer would want you
· Know how to communicate that worth and skill over the phone and face-to-face
· Understand that motherhood has brought an added dimension to what you have to offer the employer, it has not taken anything away

If you value and appreciate yourself and what you can offer to a business this will come across – as a Mother you are no less – YOU ARE MORE.

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