The Recruitment Queen disagrees with Robert Walters article linked below:

“Whilst we appreciate there may well be a slowdown being felt amongst the bigger employers as a result of the pending Brexit vote, this is not a cause for concern for the general candidate out there looking for work and or the SME. As much as the recession caused some restriction in the market in terms of available jobs, we experienced growth during this time and it’s important to know that you cannot rely on these big company stats as an indicator for what the smaller company and or job hunter is likely to experience. The one thing I would say is that the more we listen and believe this negativity, the more we end up using it as an excuse for lack of growth. Many companies have grown in the last 7 years in spite of the recession and that is because they have a value for money offering or they have identified their point of difference in the market. In or out of Europe will bring change, of that there is no doubt, but don’t allow the current stats to create the excuse for not moving forward now, just so as you have the government or someone else to blame when you don’t grow! Our business relies massively on the European links we have, therefore our driver will be to stay in, but whatever the result and or the feelings running up to the pending vote, it will not stop us moving forward and taking the decisions we need to now!”