“Sharp increase in non-EU workers helps ease recruitment difficulties for skilled jobs”

This article is highly reflective on what we are hearing from our clients and have been for the last 12 months. How linked it is to the fall in EU workers is difficult for us to assess at the moment and I think we are always quick to blame change. What is apparent however, isn’t the fact that many haven’t got the skill in those lower level jobs, what is missing is the right attitude from both the employer and candidate expectation. The employer still has this expectation of a candidate being prepared to have the same attitude that they had when they approached the working world 10 or 20 years ago and the candidate has an expectation today of a job being something which facilitates their life, as opposed to being their life.

If we can start to shift both parties to a middle ground this would have a big impact as we are at something of an impass which is pushing salaries up, as there are fewer individuals around who meet that company expectation, whereas more investment from the employer into an individual in the early days, as well as a modification on their expectation and better education, so as candidates also goes some way towards modification on their expectation too would suffice. We can train skill but not attitude, so lets change expectation which will modify the attitude and then train the skill.