A scientific study has shown happiness equals productivity. That’s why ensuring employee satisfaction is essential to helping a company’s overall success. So what can we do to increase staff happiness, here are a few tips and ideas to get you started.

Make Their Opinion Count

Employees need to care about what they do and more importantly, about your business. But why would someone want to if they feel like a small cog in a machine?

Let employees know their suggestions matter, in meetings and 1-1’s allow them to suggest ideas. Don’t limit it to their own role, maybe they have bigger ideas too. Not only will they feel more involved, but it may even lead to some great new initiatives.

Give Employees Responsibility

Show your employees you trust them by granting them new and bigger responsibilities. And more importantly, don’t micromanage them through the process. Offer advice and support, but show that you trust them to get the job done.

Keep Employees In The Know

Whilst there will always be business decisions that need to be kept confidential, employees like to be in the know. Inform your employees of any changes, the more they know the more they’ll feel that they’re part of the business.
People by their very nature get suspicious if they think information is being hidden from them. Create transparency and your employees will be happier.

Creative Incentives

All employees care about earning money, but actually, many don’t care about money as much as you might think. The trick is to get creative with your benefits.

The benefits employees shout about tend to be the unusual ones. Free food? Gym membership? Birthdays off? A Christmas Shopping Day? Think creatively and introduce some benefits that might surprise your staff.

Offer Flexibility

Employees love flexible employers. Look at the employees you have and what might benefit them i.e. home life commitments, people wanting to study etc.

It shows you trust them, and more often than not, they’ll repay that trust.