The day is near and all you can think about are the looming results…..what if the worst happens and you don’t get the results that you want? Honestly it really is ok.

There are so many things which can be achieved without the achievement of amazing exam results and for those of us whose results were not brilliant, well maybe we are destined for a different journey.

We ask of you to be the best that you can be at all times and sometimes this happens as a result of not getting the grades you had hoped for. It forces you to explore other options and your journey starts a little differently to what you thought, however it makes it no less of a journey.

Your results are the beginning of the choices you make, not the end of anything regardless of what they are.  As long as you have done the best you can and achieved your ultimate potential then the outcome will deliver the journey you require. For some of you that is University or further Education, for others it is a job. Ultimately our goal is to end up doing what you love doing and which ever journey you take you will get there eventually as long as whatever you do commit to, you give it your all.

My own journey proves that both for myself and that as an employer. My team have all taken different journeys, 2 who went to Uni, 2 who started work after GCSEs , 3 who did A-levels and then entered the world of work. All are performing well and make us a great team but it isn’t our exam results which give us this, it is the fact that we all care about what we do and we love it. Yes, some of the basic skills from school are required, for example, we need your ability to write and talk but after this with the right attitude, we will teach you the rest.

Many of our clients feel the same, if you have the desire to do whatever it takes, the desire to work hard and you have a positive enthusiastic approach to things, to the employer that is like gold dust! So if you can be all of this, don’t allow exam worry to take over your life. There are so many options as long as you approach the outcome positively!

If you know you could have done better well then do them again, don’t let a blip this year  or something which prevented you from giving it your all, determine the overall result. Re-sit NOW! Get the result which is reflective of you being the best you could be.

As long as you have worked as hard as was possible, be proud of your achievement and go and see what the world can offer you!

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