Don’t we have enough rules? Will we be able to say anything in the work place? Fat or thin, do your job with the energy and pace and enthusiasm required and I know that your weight doesn’t matter. However, if you are not delivering to the workplace standard is that because you haven’t got the energy or the pace or the standard of health and are we then relating that to weight? I can’t answer that and regardless of the reason, if you are not upholding the job standard, is that something that you should be protected against? If the employer truly had an issue with an employees’ weight, they would not have recruited them in the first place!! However I do think that if an individual is offended by any comment in the workplace no matter what it is related to, then this cannot be condoned, but that can be related to anything and they have a right to request that the workplace is more respectful in their communication or comments. But please please not more rules, can we just have some decent respect for an individual regardless of weight and other areas of judgement, without someone telling us to have more manners and putting rules in place to ensure we have?