My comments on the article

“Want to earn more money? Switch your job more often to boost your pay, experts say” – Linked below.

This is not something we would recommend for your long term career prospects and as much as moving boosts the earnings, we have found that the high calibre candidate manages to secure more money where they are, as they can prove their worth to their current employer. Just because a candidate has managed to jump around and earn lots of money, gives us no indication of how competent they are and there is no need for employers to be more open to this “job hoppy”, “chasing money” approach. I wouldn’t want you to be closed off to it either, but I would want the competency to be clearly established in terms of what they delivered at their previous employment, to be worth this money to you. Where someone has moved around after 18 months regularly, you will find that they are likely to have left before the effect of a bad job is felt by their company and I am sure you will agree, that an employee worth more money to the market, is of high value to you and employers are unlikely to lose a good employee for the sake of money. Therefore you still need to have alarm bells going off when someone has moved around a lot, as we question it thoroughly to ensure they can really do what they say, or  to establish are they just overpaid!