images-5Charlie Ryan commented with Iain Dale on LBC yesterday about the recent article on “high heels” – here are her views:

Are we really going to make this another issue about sex and discrimination in the workplace? Come along ladies – stop finding another reason to bring it back to this. Yes, let’s be honest, high heels do make a women look more professional on occasions dependent upon the rest of the outfit, but making this about discrimination is just plain wrong.

Let’s be clear – a company can have a dress code policy and, as long as this is explained before a candidate accepts a job, then it is up to that candidate whether to take the job or not on the basis of the expected terms. As long as there are equally restrictive clauses for men even if not the same, then there is no sexual discrimination. Personally I don’t have an issue in my work place whether an individual wears heels or flat shoes, although I do have an issue with a shoe looking too casual for our client meetings.   So, for example, a more casual ballet pump shoe isn’t the look we want to portray and I would hold individuals accountable to our smart dress code policy.

I have complete belief that an employer should be honest about the restrictions and the expectations of the workplace and if they are not upheld then that individual needs to be held to account. However, the individual should not be able to decide once they are in employment to change the rule. Don’t take the job if the environment or the rules are not in line with what you are prepared to do.

Are we really going to let the employee dictate again?

Link to BBC News Article: BBC News