Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen says: “ I think we can all agree how shocking some of the treatment towards employees and pregnant women by their employers. I would suggest that before we start looking at the law, we start to have managers or directors in positions, who offer basic respect to individuals! Many of the issues in this article wouldn’t be acceptable in the workplace as a basic “human right” on employee treatment regardless of a law. A broken chair? Seriously, pregnant or not!!! Is this really what we need a law for? If we have learned anything from the laws to date, implementing laws over the years to force these issues has guaranteed, first of all ensure that we find a way around the law and secondly, where an employer fears they might end up breaking a law, then they try and avoid even employing that particular “group”, whether it is a group pregnant women, women, maturity, youth etc etc. Education is what needs to happen, not a fear of a law to make employers do things. True education brings the respect and change necessary.”