In the spirit of growing and developing staff, this month we focus our newsletter on Psychometric Profiling and Testing – What’s all the fuss about?
What is a Psychometric Profile/Test?
A psychometric test aims to provide measurable, objective data that can provide a better all-round view of a candidates suitability. It allows you to understand a candidates aptitude and how they would need to be managed more effectively.
There are a number of psychometric tests available on the market but the test that we use is called the DISC profile, so it evaluates:
When should a Psychometric Profile be used?
CMR use and promote DISC profiling under two different packages:1. Recruitment
We recommend a DISC profile is completed after a first interview but before a second. It should be used as a tool to compliment what the interview has identified; its advantage over interviewing is objectivity and the fact that it is difficult for an individual to manipulate. The DISC profile also identifies how much individuals have to move away from their natural stance to do the job and how much pressure this puts them under.  Pressure to a certain level can only be maintained for a limited period of time, so again allowing the company to manage this effectively.For employers, psychometric testing will help to gauge the future performance of a candidate and improve employee retention by making successful hiring decisions.

2. Consultancy
Each member of the business completes a DISC profile and is interviewed by a consultant at CMR Consultancy, to identify and capitalise on their capability, ensuring they are in the right job within the organisation. It can also highlight where they could contribute more, leading to an overall increase in revenue.
Using both the psychometric and interview reports, we look at the roles in the organisation chart and where individuals should be positioned. This is done in consultation with the business, as no role or person will be a perfect fit and you know the detailed content of the roles better than we would.

For more information on these two packages, please see our video below:
If you would like further information on DISC including pricing, please contact Charlie here