‘Menstrual Leave’ for to female workers!

**Charlie Ryan speaks her mind on a controversial topic!**   I think I am in awe of this particular article and as a women am disappointed that because of our body and how we are made we want special treatment. Sick leave is already in place if you are sick, why do we need something […]

March 29, 2017 Post Comment News

Company Rejects Woman For Asking About Wages

Original article: It’s interesting that the world has gone a little bit vocal on this, as to be honest in most interview situations you do not ask about wages at the first stage. This can often demonstrate that the money is being seen as the most important thing which is not what an employer […]

March 20, 2017 Post Comment News

Poor time management hampering growth

Charlie Ryan says: “Time management has become more and more of an issue with the speed of how we now have to operate. Email has created a lot of the time management issues as we are less structured in our commitment to what we do with our time and allow the world of email to […]

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