I think few of us would be surprised by this article as we are seeing the business and anxiety around us and I think sometimes from the speed of output expected in our roles.  From what I have seen across a number of workplaces is that a lot of the time, this anxiousness isn’t stemming from the workplace, but the loss of confidence wherever it is, then breeds self-doubt, which then creates that anxiety in work. I have found it often isn’t pressure in the workplace creating it, but that employees won’t share unless fully pushed that it is either their own expectation of themselves, or a home expectation of earnings, or balancing which has a massive impact.  However, that being said, of course there are also many of these instances still stemming from the workplace, and a good employer should know if someone doesn’t “feel” right and they should be stepping into support so that things do not manifest into a mental health issue. Most of us could be classed as having a mental health issue at various times in our life because of what life throws at us, but with the right support it doesn’t develop into the fact we call it that.  Lack of lunch hours and not noticing this in an employee and not stepping in as an employer to stop this says a lot more to me about the mental health of the employer and this unreasonable expectation than that of the employee.