I find this article quite interesting as I feel that over educated for a job isn’t really a problem. You might have more or different knowledge, but in doing a job which isn’t related to your degree where you have more knowledge, I don’t think makes you overeducated. Over 60% of the graduates we see choose not to use their degree in the job they choose for so many different reasons. But it doesn’t make them overeducated for a job, as I just don’t think you can be overeducated. You still have the knowledge which you chose to study. Of course, there are others who do want to enter their field of work and are doing lower level jobs than their knowledge in that field would suggest they have, but again that is an employment journey as opposed to education. So for example, we place trainee graduate accountants and although the degree gets them in, the number of them that don’t progress because of so many other aspects of how they just don’t suit the job regardless of education means they can become qualified, but still stay at a very low level in the accountancy practice. The degree has a part to play but it isn’t an indication of whether someone deserves success further on down the line, so I guess I am interested to understand what these numbers are suggesting. Also, it is very important to understand the difference between overeducated and overqualified which is a completely different suggestion.

Comments on the following article; https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/apr/29/third-of-uk-graduates-overqualified-for-their-job

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