So much time is wasted by organisations looking at cv’s and even working with agenices who are not earning their agency fee by undertaking the right sort of screening. Just because they are not doing their job properly don’t let it hinder you or take your time. There are ways of managing these agencies to achieve success and in some cases avoiding them altogether, saving you time and money in both cases.

“I believe good recruiters have a part to play as opposed to “an agency” itself. A good recruiter will save you time and money but you have to get the recruiter to this point to succeed on your behalf.”


Where you are using a recruiter they will ask you to undertake the interviews of the job hunters they want you to see. Trust is what saves you time and money otherwise what are you paying a fee for? An advert? A telephone call? A CV being sent? Well then the fee should be cheaper if that’s all that is being done. Understand how to manage and work with recruiters and or avoid them in some cases whilst still delivering for your organisation.

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