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BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: What Does It Really Mean?

School Leaver? Graduate? How ready are you to meet today’s employer expectations? It is disappointing that, with so many opportunities and hunger in the market to work, that individuals are falling at the first hurdle, with their lack of understanding of what an employer needs – or expects – with general behaviour or “Business Etiquette”. […]

CVs – are they just a piece of paper?

With colleges and schools coming to the year end, this is a challenging time for students to make future decisions. For free help, advice, tips & tricks on job hunting, CV writing and interview techniques, please visit The Recruitment Queen website –

Well Done Watford Job Fair 2016 – Rachel Fowler, The Recruitment Queen

The 5th Watford Job Fair was held on 30th June 2016 at The Langley. I have to say well done for the organisation and the companies who attended – an impressive turnout. I attended to view the event as a company who work in the field of recruitment and the development of young people to […]


University? Apprenticeship? Job? It can be an extremely confusing and worrying time and young people can feel a lot of pressure about which direction to take. The Recruitment Queen believes that there is no general “right route” it is all about the right route for the individual. What are your ultimate goals and dreams – […]

Companies plan to impose Brexit hiring freeze

Charlie Ryan comments: “As much as I am disappointed to know the choice has been to exit, I would ask the media and the country to take care in terms of the communication and polling going out on job cuts etc. In a time of uncertainty, as a country, we tend to go into “baton […]

The onward march of the new young fogey

“The onward march of the new young fogey” via Charlie Ryan Says: “I think the experience we have in our office in some ways does seem to support the information given here. I do think that those individuals who desire success are feeling empowered younger, to ensure they are doing what they want. I […]

We have been led astray by the government and small minded thinkers that “IN” or “OUT”, is clear cut when it comes to Europe.

Comments based on article via Early Morning Media:     We have been led astray by the government and small minded thinkers that “IN” or “OUT”, is clear cut when it comes to Europe. The actual reality of the impact of “OUT” is being exaggerated rather than explained. Most successful things in Life & Business, […]

The Value of your LinkedIn Profile when Job Hunting


Number of staff working from home passes 1.5 million

“It is good to see that we are embracing more flexible work practices. This is how it should be when the business can support it and at the end of the day if you can’t trust someone to work from home and deliver, then they shouldn’t be working for you anyway. I would however say […]

Job satisfaction hits two-year low as UK firms urged to rethink approach to staff

Employee satisfaction is not difficult to uphold, but employers are not giving the time to understand the core motivators of their employees and how these change over time. Understanding your people and feeding their motivators will keep them long term and we have found that this is very rarely linked to having to pay more […]

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