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Exam Results Live – A Few Words from The Recruitment Queen

Exam Results Live!! I am in Sheffield this morning and I spotted the throngs of individuals going to get their exam results, the nervous anticipation and giggling…..until the result, when that changes to what? Relief? Disappointment? Exhiliaration? Embrace whatever the result as this is the start of your choices and journey no matter what the […]

August 18, 2016 Post Comment News

Exam Results Nearing.. Speak to The Recruitment Queen!

The day is near and all you can think about are the looming results…..what if the worst happens and you don’t get the results that you want? Honestly it really is ok. There are so many things which can be achieved without the achievement of amazing exam results and for those of us whose results […]

August 16, 2016 Post Comment News

More than a third of UK graduates regret attending university

Charlie Ryan comments on the recent article “More than a third of UK graduates regret attending university”: I can understand why graduates may regret choosing the University or degree route with the debt they come out with, however I think we need to reflect that although a graduate might now appreciate the developing they have […]

August 15, 2016 Post Comment News


We are heading towards September, Mum’s are considering returning to work, what challenges will they find? Some companies embrace the “Returning Mum” – fully appreciating the skill-set that they will have gained before motherhood and the added experience being a mother can bring. These women are often loyal and committed to the Companies that take […]

August 10, 2016 Post Comment News
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Why you shouldn’t use more than one agency?


August 9, 2016 Post Comment News

What it’s like expressing breast milk at work

We asked Rachel Fowler her thoughts and experienced based on this article topic. Rachel is a fantastic member of our team and also a mum! Have a read of the article and her comments – We’d also love to hear your experiences. “Interesting. I breast-fed and did sometimes have to express at work or out […]

August 8, 2016 Post Comment News

Considering the candidates who got away

After reading the linked article below Charlie Ryan commented:   “A company should be very aware that every experience an applicant has with them, is contributing to their brand in the market. Where someone doesn’t take a job, you should want to know why, as it could have been the experience they had during the […]

August 8, 2016 Post Comment News

Work Experience, Holiday Work and Part-Time Work

How valuable are these and how can you optimize on them? It is extremely common for Work Experience to come up at school and everyone groan – “just one more thing to think about and organise”. Often it is left to the last minute and a desperate, eleventh hour favour dragged from someone who really […]

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: What Does It Really Mean?

School Leaver? Graduate? How ready are you to meet today’s employer expectations? It is disappointing that, with so many opportunities and hunger in the market to work, that individuals are falling at the first hurdle, with their lack of understanding of what an employer needs – or expects – with general behaviour or “Business Etiquette”. […]

CVs – are they just a piece of paper?

With colleges and schools coming to the year end, this is a challenging time for students to make future decisions. For free help, advice, tips & tricks on job hunting, CV writing and interview techniques, please visit The Recruitment Queen website –

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