Develop a Job Hunting Routine – Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure

Just as tempting as it is to panic after a job loss, so too is the opportunity to “relax”. While taking time to recoup emotionally and to think out the next steps in your career plan is advisable, this can often time grow into a general indolence that leads you away from employment success. Developing […]

Writing Your CV: Tips and Myths to Get it Right

As time passes, CV recommendations change. At one time, bigger was better. Then, HR managers lost the will to review multiple pages for each candidate, and experts began recommending CVs be no longer than one page. This recommendation frustrated many job hunters, as they had extensive background education, skills and employment history relevant to their […]

Targeted Job Search – The Key to Employment Success

Finding a new job entails a variety of factors: having an exciting and concise CV, knowing where to look, researching your potential employer, working hard to get the interview and simply knowing how to present yourself as being a cut above the rest of the applicant pool. What many people fail to realise that a […]

Career Trends 2010

With the labour market in the UK (and globally) in flux, it is often difficult to predict emerging labour trends – jobs that are hot now, may turn lukewarm a year from now. As a recruiter, I see some very specific job trends emerging throughout London and the UK that I would like to share […]

Preparing For a Troubled Labour Market – Start Now

The best time to prepare for job loss through redundancy or potential company closure is before you lose your job. The better prepared you are if and when that day comes, the easier it will be for you to cope with the challenges job loss brings. As human beings, we tend to ignore the possibilities […]

I Lost My Job! – 4 Tips for Surviving the First Days of Unemployment

All over the UK, unemployment has become a household fear. As of June of this year, the unemployment rate in the UK had reached 7.8%, down slightly from January. Recessionary times mean that companies freeze hiring and even downsize their workforce in order to contract their spending. Whether you’ve lost your employment through redundancy, termination, […]

Interview 101: Researching Your Potential Employer

You received the call; the interview is set. Now it’s time to get down to the business of preparing for the interview. Your next step: research. If you’ve listened to my advice in previous articles, you will already have a file or folder containing basic research you performed on the company before you made your […]

Interview 101: Don’t Let the Little Things Trip You Up

This week I would like to start a series of articles addressing interview techniques and tactics. The first part of this series – Interview 101 – will present advice about the basics – those things you need to do and not do before you ever step through the door. These topics are essential – if […]

The Shoddy Application – What it Says about You

Sometimes the job application is truly frustrating. You see a job posting on an online job board. Not only do you have to cut and paste your CV into their little box (or upload, as the case may be), but you have to go offsite to fill in their automated application. The frustration comes in […]

Working with a Recruiter: Come Prepared!

Once you have made the decision to work with a recruiter, there are several key tips you should follow to give it your best effort. It is important to remember that a recruiter functions as an employment mediary – treat your recruiter exactly as though he or she were the employer. Tip # 1: Dress […]

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